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Create Your Own Word Art with Alphabet Photography

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With Picture A Word you can create your own Framed word art with alphabet photography. Make fabulous gifts like personalized name art using alphabet photography. You design your own personalized photo gifts made from letters found all around us. Each piece is custom made upon ordering. The unique framed letter art that is like no other and costs much less than our competition.

Each piece of letter art you create uses a unique combination of letters and motifs to spell out your message or name. Each piece looks like a collection of fantastic black and white photographs, it is only when you look closely that you see the LETTER ART. You select your matting and wood frame and we'll send you framed wall art that's ready to hang.

Create your own word art now!

  1. Type a word or name containing 2 to 8 letters in the box. Don't leave any blank spaces.
  2. When you're ready, click Submit to go the next step. To start over, click Reset

Our Framed Wall Art Makes a Unique Gift

Use picture letters to spell out a signifigant word or a favorite destination such as LOVE or BEACH or you can choose a favorite activity or hobby such as GARDEN or SKI

You personalize the gift by selecting each letter from a large supply of unique "picture letters."

The pictures in your finished framed wall art are all black and white. Your finished picture can have between two and eight letters. All individual pictures (letters) are 4" x 6" except the eight letter pictures which use 3" x 5" pictures. You have a choice of black or white matting and a choice of black wood or mahogany wood frame. Create your own word art and we'll do the rest!

"One of the best gifts I could have given my son! He loves it!"

"I finally found a gift my father (who has everything) really really liked. The picture on his wall tells everyone he loves fishing."

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Framed Wall Art Finished Sizes

No. of LettersHeightWidth
89 in.34 in.
710 in.35 in.
610 in.30 in.
510 in.26 in.
410 in.20 in.
310 in.17 in.